Budgeting/Debt Analysis

The first step in all planning at Black Mammoth, starts with gathering an understanding of how our clients utilize their money. Thus, we begin with budgeting. Budgeting is the average usage of wealth per month. Once we get an understanding of money coming in (income) vs money going out (expenses), we can then focus on debt. 

The second step to ensure a solid foundation is diving deep into a client’s debt.  This includes what debts the client has, how we can utilize them, and getting an understanding of what debt means to our client. 


Goal Planning

After we have determined the client’s budget and understand of their debt, we now can focus on the things that motivate and keep one moving forward, GOALS.  With goals in mind, this allows our client to think long-term and mentally allow them to stick to their budget plan. 

At Black Mammoth, we strive to achieve all of our clients’ goals and allow them to do it in a creative way. Our creativity and vast knowledge in the wealth space, allows us to achieve clients’ goals, above and beyond their initial expectations. 


From stocks to checking accounts, investments are an essential part of growing your wealth.  At Black Mammoth, we handle Retirement Accounts, Bank Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, etc., to ensure our clients are able to invest in almost anything that their plan dictates. 

With our ability to be creative from top to bottom in our firm, it allows us to not focus on only certain asset classes when it comes to investing, but truly put together a plan that fits the client’s goals and needs both now (short-term), and in retirement (long-term). 

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What is insurance? The purpose of insurance is ultimately to protect your wealth. Our analysis will answer how we can utilize insurance to achieve the desired result.  During our analysis, we not only dive into your personal insurance plans (Life, Health, Home/Auto, Dental, Disability, LTC, etc.), we ensure your benefits package provided by your employer is setup perfectly for you and your family. 


Advanced Strategies

"Retirement Planning"

The first question we ask our clients is, “Retirement - what does that mean to you?” "Retirement" is not an age, it is not permanent and definitely is not a dollar figure. At Black Mammoth, we focus on the feeling of "Retirement,” which is vague, yet encompasses the feeling of being free from the constraints of work.  After this feeling is defined, we can focus on how to reach this goal. 

Planning for something that is 10+ years away takes discipline and creativity as well as adjustments as life changes.  As we look into each client’s plan, we consider their current living standards plus future changes, i.e. children, job change, economic changes and global changes. Taking those into consideration we hone in on what is achievable to use for retirement.  Below are the investments that we utilize: 

Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds/REITs
Hedgefunds/Banking Instruments
Real Estate (Residential & Commercial)
Private Lending
Private Business Investing...just to name a few.



Tax Planning

The key to wealth is planning for the long-term and the short-term. At Black Mammoth, we partner with CPA's to ensure that our overall plan has tax strategies and savings not only in the short-term but in the long-term planning piece.  Our partners also offer tax preparation, advisory, consulting and handle our internal accounting needs such as bookkeeping and payroll. 

You can find our main partner, E&M PLLC, right here in our office! 

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Legacy Planning

What is "Legacy" Planning?  It is the same as estate planning, however at Black Mammoth we partner with Legacy Fiduciary Services to ensure that this "estate" plan turns into a true legacy for our clients.  We all want to leave a legacy to our loved ones, business partners and/or to our favorite charity. The importance of having a plan is to ensure this legacy is realized. 

Legacy Planning includes: Wills/Trusts, POA's, acting as Trustee/Executor, etc. 

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