Lyndsey Monahan

Senior Wealth Advisor
Lyndsey Monahan

 I have a true passion for helping women become empowered through personal finance and growing their wealth. 

"Women are vital to ensuring finances — and financial education — trickle down to other parts of society." - Bill Gates 

Entrepreneur - I've personally been involved in the creation of six businesses over the course of the last 20 years, four of which are still in operation and are highly successful and two of which were dissolved with the creation of the other two. 

Financial Professional - With 8 years of experience as a licensed financial professional, I'm able to assist personal and business clients with setting clear financial goals and an action plan to achieve those goals by starting where you are today and building based on your timelines. 

Reformed Geek - Yeah, yeah...I used to be a computer programmer!! The experiences there taught me a whole lot about who I am, what I'm truly passionate about, and most importantly - that those skills are better used working with other people, not so much computers!! The most consistent pieces of feedback from my time in the IT world - people appreciate my ability to take complex topics and ideas by finding ways to simplify and relate them to the individual I'm working with. This translates extremely well to the world of personal finance - my clients feel comfortable and confident - ultimately enabling them to feel more empowered through their personal financial journey. 

Small Town Girl - That's right! Strawn, Illinois - Raised on a Turkey Farm of all places!! Look it up - 150 people strong! If you blink, you'll drive right through town and not even know it! 

Stella's Mama and Caleb's Bonus-Mom! 



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