Our mission is to lead our clients through the complexities of gaining/growing wealth so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

We achieve this mission by focusing on our key values:


Our clients are family, meaning we will do anything to ensure their wealth grows by doing what is in their best interest. We strive to exceed expectations and help our clients to live meaningful, fulfilling lives, whatever that may look like for each individual.  



Trust is built on communication, which only works when you can be transparent.  At Black Mammoth, we aim to be as transparent as possible in any situation that may arise. By doing so, no one is surprised or misses opportunities. 



Everyone’s wealth is unique, thus to transcend your wealth, we work to stay creative throughout the journey. We are able to constantly push the envelope when generating wealth through our relationships with our partner firms: Legacy Fiduciary Services (Legacy Plans), Trinity Investment Firm (Real Estate Investing), E&M (Tax Planning & Advisory), Kᾱlᾱ Capital (Non-traditional investments). 

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